Services We Offer At TEK Transportation, Inc!

Providing worry free door to door service with multiple modes of transportation.

Our ground services range from Expedite to LTL with Truckload in the middle. We can provide any type of ground transportation that our customers require!  Please see our available Ground options below.

Air and Sea
Our Air and Sea services are top notch! We provide any thing from air charters to parcel courier services. While our sea transport can provide you with any type of container you require. Please review our Air and Sea options below.


  • We will arrive at the shipping location within 90 minutes of the request and deliver the freight directly to the consignee. Need a roundtrip or a milk run, not a problem just let us know your requirements!
  • Whether you need to ship one pallet or 40 we can have a truck to your shipping location when you need it! Call 866-951-5551

    LTL - Less Than a Truckload

  • Not in a rush, and need reliable service? Try our LTL service! Typically LTL is a non-time critical service that delivers between 3-5 days. If you are looking for the most cost efficient way to ship, this is it. Call 866-951-5551

    Specialized Equipment

  • We have equipment that can meet the needs of nearly any shipment. Whether you need a rolling tarping system on a flat bed, or a trailer that can handle 100,000 lbs., we can make sure your shipment will deliver when you need it to.
  • Examaples of equipment are: Conestogas, Flat Beds (multiple axles), Drop Decks,Supvervans (or Auto Vans), Double Drop's, Curtain Sides, Multi Axle Vans, etc. Call 866-951-5551

    Deferred Shipping

  • Have a shipment you need picked up, but not delivered for a specified time? Deferred Shipping is your answer! We can hold you freight in our warehouse and deliver when you require. Call 866-951-5551

    Dedicated/ Truckload

  • Have multiple shipments daily (or any schedule) and need them picked up and delivered at a specified time? Our dedicated/ truckload service is what your looking for. Dedicated and reliable, you can trust us to be on time! Call 866-951-5551

    Air Charter

  • EMERGENCY? Have a shipment that needs to be somewhere faster than a truck can drive or a commercial airliner can fly? Air charters are your answer. We will schedule a plane and transport your emergency shipment to where you need it! We take care of all the steps, just let us know the requirements. Call 866-951-5551

    Next Flight Out

  • We can schedule a shipment on the next flight out and have an agent standing by at touch down to transport your shipment to your consignee.
  • This method is great for smaller packages. Call 866-951-5551

    Hand Delivery - Courier Services

  • Our Courier services are sometimes faster and less expensive then chartering an airplane! When you have a package that needs to be in Asia today, this may be your answer.
  • We have agents all over the world that make this transportation method possible. Call 866-951-5551

    Air Cargo Shipping

  • Need to transport a package quickly, but its too large for over the counter air freight? Our Air Cargo service is what your looking for. This service can provide transportation to nearly anywhere in the world. Call 866-951-5551

    Ocean Container Services

  • When you need to ship to other countries and don't want to pay too much and its not time sensitive, then our Ocean Transport is your answer. We provide worry free ocean container service to nearly anywhere in the world. Call 866-951-5551